Our Mandate


The competition is fierce! For companies to remain profitable, they must work faster and better with varied project stakeholders, different partners, across diverse cultures and time zones. The only way to manage this complexity, deliver on time and remain profitable is to employ a trusted management technique. Project management is a set of principles, techniques, and practices applied to a range of activities to meet the requirements of a specific company objective and deliverable.

An organization’s most critical asset is its people. Training and education are important to an individual’s growth as well as an organization’s success. Employees that are engaged and motivated are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. Employees with high morale and satisfaction deliver better performance and higher productivity levels.

At Seventh Inc. we provide our clients with a strategic and innovative approach to training and development. Seventh Inc. designs, develops and delivers professional workshops, courses and programs that help Project Managers to advance in their careers, and organizations to achieve their business goals through successful project management.

At Seventh Inc. - we will serve as strategic partners in order to understand your specific business needs and requirements. Our consultative approach allows us to develop an effective training strategy with clear objectives and outcomes. The insight we gain will ensure your company receives competency-based and results-driven training, by expert trainers in the business.

Training workshops delivered by highly skilled project management professionals encompass multiple courses under the following categories:
- Project Management
- Risk Management
- Human Dynamic Skills
- Leadership
- Agile