Our Team

Seventh Inc. employs self-motivated, vibrant, passionate and knowledgeable trainers. Each has successfully proven their ability in a thorough screening process before achieving their place on our renowned staff. To answer to whatever your training needs are, we will examine those needs and match you perfectly with the qualified and respected individual or individuals to achieve your goals.

Our Pledge

  • It’s important to be able to combine your ability with your career and training goals. The Seventh Inc. team will provide a focused product tailored to the individual needs of our clients. This begins with the intimate knowledge we will acquire of your organization and the outcomes you want your training to produce. Our trainers will combine all of these factors to deliver a training program that educates and impresses.

  • Seventh Inc. learning and training experts produce a wealth of education experiences within their programs. Their skills cover the traditional best practices as well as the innovative and modern, with the unique ability to customize tailored training if needed. Through our collaborative approach with clients, we will be able to integrate the exact activities, resources and materials to produce the most productive outcomes. The experience will be highly interactive, engaging and efficient. Clients may participate in every aspect of the programs and will easily be able to add the new skills to their work place due to the experience and practical training provided.

  • Staying fresh: Just like a quality medical doctor, our trainers keep themselves knowledgeable of the latest trends and developments in their fields of expertise. Tireless students of the game, the Seventh Inc. team will consistently produce relevant and informed content combined with the training methods needed to achieve your desired goals.

Selecting Your Expert

  • A dedicated Account Manager will work with the training knowledge acquired to select the exact trainer to meet your needs. A wide breadth of factors will be considered, from the subject of the project, to the resources, materials, expertise and training style required.

Trainer Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree or above
  • A minimum of five years of recent training, facilitation and/or presentation experience
  • A background with unique, personal business experiences at all levels
  • Experience in coaching and/or facilitating for all levels of audiences
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A high-energy personality
  • Expert presentation skills
  • Flexibility, adaptability and capability to “think on their feet”
  • A commitment to providing an outstanding learning program

Promising Results

  • Seventh Inc. is dedicated to producing the effective training, and has the team of qualified trainers to confidently deliver it.