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Project Management framework defined
Project management emerged as a methodology for managing initiatives that not only focused on creating a one-time product or prototype but also required the expertise of individuals from cross departmental boundaries. Most large-scale projects required input and personnel from functional, technical and support departments working under the auspices of a project manager. In response, many companies migrated from the traditional hierarchy organizational structure to a matrix organizational structure designed to spread scarce technical manpower resources throughout large scale, cross-departmental projects.

Seventh Inc. has a selection of course opportunities, aligned with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Framework that will provide the expertise needed to launch and complete projects with the highest success rate.

Training Catalogue
Course Details
Fundamentals of Project ManagementView
Intermediate Project ManagementView
Advanced Project ManagementView
IT Project ManagementView
Project Stakeholder ManagementView
Project Management Professional (PMP)View
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